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'Human Sundial' Information            Our 'Picture Gallery' Section
Why "Sunclocks"  are so popular             Introduction to the photographs
Several significant 'advantages'            Select any 'category' of interest
Making your own unique layout             Some world-wide installations
'Frequently Asked Questions'            Painting a "Sunclock"  layout
Contacting "Modern Sunclocks"            Concrete layouts / techniques
'Response Form', for enquiries            Wood and concrete 'hybrids'
Making money with "Sunclocks"            Examples of concrete 'effects'
Details on layout 'Calculations'   Bricks within hard-landscaping
    Bricks, for 'Roman Numerals'
    Metal, plus 'bronze resin' kits
Other Associated Details            Mosaic, for colourful layouts
    Layouts at 'Stately Homes'
"Sunclocks"  in School-books            Custom-made "Sunclock"  kits
Some data on Douglas Hunt            Finding TRUE North direction
    Interactive sundials for children
    Temporary "Sunclock"  layouts
Go back to the FIRST PAGE            Some 'professional' installations

[ Look ]    Please remember that we are always looking for people who
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There are several ways in which you can do this, and all of the profits are
entirely your own  -  because we offer it as a totally  FREE  FRANCHISE
arrangement, which costs you absolutely NOTHING to become involved.
Every "Sunclock"  layout will automatically act as its own 'advertisement',
and so this generates an ever-expanding chain reaction of more orders !
Please telephone Douglas Hunt, if you are interested in this opportunity.

S.A. flag   Due to some unreliability and communication difficulties, with a previous
Agent, we are currently seeking another 'Distributor' to represent us in South Africa.

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