[ Money ]        Make  Money,  with  'Human  Sundials' !        [ Money ]
Note that we offer this as a TOTALLY FREE FRANCHISE, which
costs NOTHING to be involved (in whatever ways you choose),

For persons who are currently looking for a really unusual 'Business
Opportunity', there are several ways in which you can profit from our
"Sunclock"  concept.   Please contact us, if you think that you may
be interested in this.  We are always glad to hear from any potential
overseas 'Agents', or people (anywhere) who might want to produce
and/or install 'component-parts', in any materials of their own choice.
Just painting on a School playground, is an easy and profitable way.
If you are happy with a modest profit per sale (and no actual 'work'),
then the simplest way of generating income is to become one of our
Distributors  -  just re-selling customized "Sunclock"  Layout Plans,
by sending these via E-mail, plus charging your own price for them !
Alternatively, if you want much higher profits  -  we suggest that you
should consider making and selling 'kits', for these Human Sundials.
This obviously involves some additional effort  -  but maybe you can
ask another person to do that, and then divide the profits with them.
Such 'kits' of parts could be sold to Architects plus Landscapers, via
Garden Centres, etc  -  or perhaps even marketed using 'mail-order',
so that all customers can then create their own UNIQUE installation.
Depending on materials, and quality of workmanship  -  the price for
some of these 'kits' can be around 2000 Pounds, (about $3500 US).
The contact details for several suppliers are shown in our numerous
Picture Gallery 'sub-categories', illustrating many different materials,
and layouts in world-wide locations ranging from Australia to Alaska.
Even if you don't want to make them yourself  -  you could still install
Human Sundials, using the component-parts made by other people.
[ 'Money-spinner' ]      Our unique "Sunclock"  business has been in existence from
1986, plus has a well-documented 'track record' of success.  Since it
is such a highly profitable 'money-spinner', we decided to offer this to
other people  -  so that they can also generate an income from these
sundial designs, in a number of ways to suit their individual life-style.
You could also click this link, to view a short 'profile' of our business.
Human Sundials have been featured in the UK electronic publication
"Best Home Business Opportunities Directory, 2008"  -  having
a total of 24 top-rated businesses, which are easy to run from home.
All of these opportunities, including our "Sunclocks",  have also been
independently researched and analysed  -  to confirm that they are a
viable, sustainable, plus highly profitable home-based business idea.
A copy of that publication (in 'PDF' file format), can be obtained from
the website at  www.BusinessOpportunityWatch.com  -  please note
there is a small charge for this, payable via Credit Card or "PayPal".
Although the above publication is mainly aimed at people in Britain,
our unique 'Human Sundials' have a vast world-wide market  -  plus
are mentioned on the "Backyard Entrepreneur" website, in America.
NOTE:  There may be problems with their web-server, at this time !
That page suggests how a "Sunclock"  kit could be made, in just the
same way as typical concrete garden stepping-stones  -  but a wide
range of materials and techniques can be used, for a unique layout.

You may like to act as a "Distributor", for us.  There are no 'up-front'
costs for this, plus you keep ALL the profits you make  -  so you can
think of it as being equivalent to a "Free Franchise" arrangement !
S.A. flag   Due to unreliability plus communication problems, with our previous
Agent, we are currently looking for a new 'Distributor' to represent South Africa.
This "Free Franchise" is ideal for any person who could find their
own customers for our set of "Sunclock"  Plans (by using whatever
marketing or promotional methods, of their choice)  -  and then just
E-mail them directly to each customer, with a 'profit-margin' added.
Your profit could be at least 50%, on the set of "Sunclock"  Plans,
and re-selling Layout Plans involves no 'physical' work of any kind.
If you may like to become a 'Distributor' for us, then we will provide
your FIRST FIVE sets of our customized "Sunclock"  Layout Plans
totally FREE  -  so that you have absolutely NO FINANCIAL RISK,
before finally deciding whether to continue acting as our 're-seller'.
Whenever you sell the first five Plans, to your customers  -  then in
effect, WE will have paid YOU to help set-up your OWN business.
So, unlike a normal Franchise, you are not asked to pay 'up-front'.
However, before requesting to become a 'Distributor', you will first
need to buy at least one set of our customized "Sunclock"  Layout
Plans as a normal customer  -  simply to ensure that any potential
're-sellers' have a genuine interest, in this Business Opportunity !
You could also ask to see a typical 'SAMPLE' set of Layout Plans,
if you are only just thinking about being one of those 'Distributors'.
Bear in mind that our 'Human Sundial' business is so profitable, we
guarantee the cost of these Layout Plans will stay fixed  -  and so
your own 'profit-margin' would steadily increase in the future, since
we allow Distributors to decide on their own individual selling price.
How many other businesses do you know, who are able to assure
you that their prices will never increase at any time in the future ?
Apart from this website, we never do any advertising or marketing/
promotion of any kind  -  simply because we do not need to, since
"Sunclock"  layouts automatically act as their own 'advertisement',
caused by an obvious interactive nature of our Human Sundials !
[ Profit ]                [ E-mail our Plans ]                [ Profit ]

Most of your customers would probably be Schools, who love using
"Sunclocks"  as a FUN curriculum-wide outdoor educational project,
plus very few Schools will not want our interactive 'Human Sundial'.
Just ask your local School if they would like to have such a feature,
and we should be surprised if they decide against this  -  especially
as it could make them more money, than the Layout Plans will cost.
Click this link, to discover how a School layout can be self-funding !
In fact, these are now so popular, that they are illustrated in several
School-books  -  and featured within publications for Teachers, plus
being regularly used as part of "Eagle Scout" projects (in the USA).
Our "Sunclock"  is certainly a highly 'interactive' sundial for children,
as THEIR OWN SHADOWS are used to indicate correct clock time.
You can make money by just painting them on School playgrounds,
which is easy and quick  -  plus it does not need any other material,
so there might be very high 'profit-margins' on such painted layouts.
People charge at least 200 Pounds (about $350 US) for doing this,
with any 'professional' firms charging around 600 Pounds ($1000).
If you create just one layout each week for 9 months of the year,
it could generate a minimum income of 8000 Pounds ($14000) !
Since painted layouts will obviously 'wear-off', you could get repeat
business  -  to re-paint such "Sunclocks"  again, on a regular basis.
An even quicker (and also more permanent) method for any School
playgrounds, or similar tarmac areas  -  is to create the layout using
metal studs, which could be 'fired' into the ground from a "nail-gun".
Yet another fairly inexpensive technique (with a good profit-margin),
is to use cheap concrete 'paving-slabs' covered with simple mosaic.
Each layout automatically becomes its own 'advertisement'  -  which
generates a chain-reaction effect, of further enquiries and orders.
Used as a garden sundial, it would not interfere with grass-cutting !

To see photographs of many different layouts, (varying from 'simple'
to 'professional')  -  follow this link to the  'Picture Gallery'  section,
and here are just four of the many images which you can find there.
[ Mosaic - click for more information ]        [ Concrete - click for more information ]        [ Platform - click for more information ]        [ Granite - click for more information ]
These are only small copies  -  the full-size photographs, (plus with some further
information on each of them), are displayed within our web-site 'Picture Gallery'.
You could also click on each of the pictures, above, to obtain more information.
"Sunclocks"  are a very 'interactive' feature, plus people (particularly
children) really love to be part of these Human Sundials  -  by using
their own shadow, to tell correct clock time.  You can click on this
link to see the main advantages, in comparison with other sundials.
One of its major 'selling-points' is that every layout is unique, using
Layout Plans which are prepared for each individual customer (and
for the specific 'Latitude & Longitude' of their location, in the world).
Please click this link, if you may want to see a sample of our Plans.
As well as being used for 'attractions' in public locations, (such as a
Park, or Shopping Plaza)  -  people also like to have them in private
gardens, as a unique interactive feature to impress their neighbours
or maybe just to increase the value of that property, when selling it !
Even the Space-Shuttle Memorial incorporates a "Sunclock"  layout.
You can click this link to see the basic reasons why our "Sunclocks"
have become so popular, if these are compared with other sundials.
Since there is no travelling or physical work needed, our "Sunclock"
Distributorship could be ideally suitable for persons who are 'house-
bound'  -  or for some people who have a 'medical condition', which
can mean it may be difficult for them to find any other employment.
Though our 'Free Franchise' costs nothing to become involved, you
will be responsible for finding your own customers  -  but we would
be glad to include 'links' from our web-site to yours, (assuming that
you have the capability of creating one, or use your own designer).
During your initial 'probationary' period (up to two years), we would
send you any enquiries (from within your 'territory') which come via
our website  -  allowing you time to develop your business strategy
for marketing, before running the 'Distributorship' in your own way.
By becoming successful via your own efforts, we are giving you the
opportunity to generate a high personal income, (and perhaps even
more than we do).  However, please note that if you are not able to
persuade a customer to buy  -  then their money, which they would
have paid to YOURSELF, will just default to OURSELVES instead.
It is therefore obviously in your OWN interests, to tell people about
all the various advantages associated with our unique "Sunclocks".
If you are perhaps interested in creating an income from our unique
"Sunclocks"  -  then (in the first instance) we recommend that you
telephone us, for an informal discussion on what you might have in
mind.  When calling, please ask to speak direct with Douglas Hunt.
[ Devil ]    Douglas is also a member of a very exclusive organization,
called the "Business Devil Network"  -  essentially a 'secret society'
of very high-profit businesses, who can trade between themselves,
to obtain a huge return on their investments (but without any risk) !
By becoming a member of that organization, it will ensure that you
should never have to worry about income again  -  no matter what
might happen to future 'inflation', and/or currency exchange-rates,
but you would need to satisfy some basic criteria for membership.

Our business is open 24 hours, and every day of the year - so regardless of
where you are located, you could always contact us at any time of day or night.
The sun is always shining on a "Sunclock",   world   somewhere in the world !
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This concept was independently tested, plus approved  -  by the
prestigious "Gardening from WHICH?" consumer magazine, in
the U.K.  Their review was in the April 1989 edition, (page 84).
We have been selling 'Human Sundial' Plans since 1986,  and
our international "Modern Sunclocks"  business is located in
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We are also extremely proud, that our web-site is featured on
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other entries for Sundials, in that "Best of the Web" directory.
Please remember that we offer this opportunity as a
to be involved (in whatever way you prefer) - and so
you have absolutely nothing to lose, by contacting
us (via telephone) to discuss your personal interest.
All of the profits generated, would be entirely yours.
Just keep in mind, that 'time flies' - plus you may not
be able to find any similar opportunity, in the future !
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