Create a unique 'interactive' (plus theft-proof) "Sunclock"
using a  PERSON'S  OWN  SHADOW,  to tell the correct time !
"Sunclocks"  are extremely 'interactive' sundials for children,
plus are also shown in School-books, (both UK and America).
These unique sundial designs are easy to make (and in many
materials)  -  see numerous examples, in our Picture Gallery.
They are often used by Architects, or Landscapers - who will
include it as an interesting feature, within their own projects.
However, due to the complex calculations involved, they will
just obtain customized Layout Plans from us  -  with all of the
measurements needed, and detailed setting-out instructions.
Remember that you could also have an additional income, by
simply re-selling those Layout Plans, to your own customers.

If you want to see a SAMPLE, then please click on this link to
down-load ONE of our pages, (for a location in New Zealand).
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   The "Sunclock"  Plans give you much more information,
with accurate measurements and detailed layout instructions.
Our full set has six pages, including several helpful diagrams.
Also remember we offer you free help, or advice, at any time.
If you prefer to see a 'sample set' of all 6 pages, it is certainly
possible - although you must telephone us, to request those.
We can then make that data available to you, (in PDF format).


The word "Sundial", can cover many different types - such as
pedestal-mounted, vertical wall-dials, 'armillary spheres', etc.
However, these might not tell the correct clock time - and will
also suffer from the problem of attracting thieves, or vandals,
which is a significant disadvantage of any 'traditional' sundial.
Most people prefer to have an accurate  Sundial, which could
be essentially 'theft-proof' - as well as an 'interactive' feature,
plus becoming a unique 'conversation piece' for their garden.
People also want one which can 'change itself automatically',
when other clocks are put forward or back in Spring/Autumn.
Our "Sunclocks"  (or Human Sundials) solve those problems.
They can be made from almost any material, to 'blend-in' with
locations - and (if on grass), just run your lawn-mower over it.
Unlike the 'mass-produced' sundials you might normally see,
each of these "Sunclock"  layouts is also absolutely UNIQUE.


Those reasons, above, show why "Sunclocks"  are becoming
the most popular Sundials  -  because this type simply uses a
PERSON'S  OWN  SHADOW, to tell correct clock time all year !
As well as the fact that it would significantly 'add value', to the
selling-price of a property  -  just think how envious all of your
neighbours might be, of this interactive and functional feature
which may place you in the same category as Stately Homes.
This drawing, below, shows the concept of a 'Human Sundial'.
You can click on it, to go to the opening page of our web-site.
Many photographs, of "Sunclock"  layouts, are also available.
[ Human Sundial concept - click on this drawing, for main 'index' page of our web-site ]
Customized  SUNDIAL DESIGNS  are supplied (specifically for
your exact Latitude and Longitude) - telling you how to install
an accurate Human Sundial layout, on any 'level ground' area.
Schools simply paint them on to their playgrounds, giving an
outdoor 'art' project - plus a useful and 'vandal-proof' feature,
as well as being sundials for learning within their curriculum.
As mentioned above, you can down-load or request samples
of typical pages in a set of our customized "Sunclock"  Plans.


This simple page only gives basic reasons for their popularity
both as garden sundials, as well as in the 'Educational Sector'.
If you would like more information, on "Sunclocks",  and view
numerous pictures of Human Sundial layouts  -  then click this
link to visit the MAIN WEB-SITE, for this 'interactive' SUNDIAL.
Here are just three of the many photographs illustrated there :
[ School project - click for more information ]       [ On grass lawns - click for more information ]       [ Hard landscape - click for more information ]
These are only small copies  -  full-size photographs (plus further details
for each of them), are shown within the 'Picture Gallery' on that web-site.
You may also click on each of the pictures, above, for more information.
As well as photographs from all over the world, you can also
discover some more 'Human Sundial' advantages  -  plus get
details of how you can easily make your own "Sunclock",  or
perhaps purchase ready-made 'kits' (in a range of materials).
You would even find out how to make some money, from it !
We offer this as a "FREE Franchise", costing NOTHING to be
involved  -  and ALL the profits you make are entirely yours.
For example, you can simply re-sell each customized set of
sundial plans (at your own price)  -  plus just send these via
E-mail using a home computer, without any 'physical' work.
[ Profit ]              [ E-mail our Plans ]              [ Profit ]
More money will be made, by installing "Sunclocks"  -  and
they act as their own advertisements, for additional orders.
You could just paint our Human Sundial layouts, on School
playgrounds  -  or sell 'kits', in your own choice of material,
which become unique garden features for your customers.
Please contact us, if you would be interested in generating
any income with this unusual 'opportunity'.  It is best if you
telephone, requesting to speak directly with Douglas Hunt.
He will then be able to discuss all the various possibilities,
plus also give advice to suit your personal circumstances.
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