Pictures  of  many  HUMAN  SUNDIAL  layouts
By popular demand,  we have now added a  'Picture Gallery'  to
our web-site  -  illustrating several of the many different ways a
"Sunclock"  could be made.   Whether this is just painted on the
ground, or made as a more permanent feature (either by setting
it into grass, or perhaps as part of 'hard landscape' designs for a
paved area)  -  these photographs should give you a few ideas !
[ IMPORTANT NOTE ]   If you haven't already done so,  then we suggest you visit
the other pages of our web-site giving more information on this
'Human Sundial'  Concept and Advantages,  plus answering the
Frequently Asked Questions  -  before viewing the photographs.
With our  Customized Layout Plans  service,  you can easily set-
out a 'Human Sundial' using your own shadow to tell clock time.
Please click on this link to visit the  'PICTURE GALLERY'  section
( don't worry, it only takes a short time to fetch the information ) !
You will initially see 15 small photographs - which show a variety
of ways to make these "Sunclocks",  in a wide range of materials.
Just click on any of those small illustrations, to fetch its 'full-size'
photograph - with further details on it, plus several more pictures
that are also connected with the material or subject you selected.
Alternatively - you can go directly to any specific category of our
Picture Gallery, via a  'SITEMAP'  showing all the web-site pages.
That may be a faster method, if you have already decided on the
materials to be used in making your own unique "Sunclock" - as
the photographs would give you some ideas, for similar layouts.
They are certainly very popular as 'interactive' garden sundials !


You could click on these links, to find the basic reasons why our "Sunclock"
has become so popular, when it is compared with other  SUNDIALS  -  and to
see the many advantages of Human Sundials, (including as School projects).
With our "FREE Franchise", you could even make money from this concept !
The sundial plans could simply be E-mailed to customers, and with your own
profit-margin added  -  which should not involve 'physical' effort of any kind,
only needing a home-based computer to send each customized set of plans.
Every "Sunclock"  layout automatically becomes its own advertisement, and
so creates an ever-expanding 'chain reaction' of more enquiries plus orders.
If you are perhaps interested in becoming a "Distributor", please contact us
by telephone  -  and request to speak directly with Douglas Hunt, for details.
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