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The very exclusive "Business Devil Network" organization.
Congratulations  -  you have found one of our websites, which gives
some information on this collection of highly profitable businesses !
These are all long-established and very successful in their own right
with an "income to cost ratio" of at least '50 : 1'  -  or, in other words,
they make a profit of at least 50 times the amount which they spend.
Each of those businesses may trade with the others, and can receive
GUARANTEED returns of 300% (minimum) on any 'investment' which
they make, with other members  -  or a maximum of (usually) 5000%.
The 'time-scale' for this is typically between one week, and one year.
Generally speaking, it will take only about one week to TREBLE your
money  -  but if you prefer to multiply an investment by FIFTY times,
then a 'waiting-period' of typically one year may be required for that.
Returns of 1000% (TEN times your investment), would take a month.
However, you are limited to making only two investments each year
and all members choose their own minimum or maximum amounts.
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If you were wondering how this could possibly work, it is very easy
plus relies simply on normal business activities of those members.
For example, a member 'invests' 1000 Pounds with one of the other
businesses.  Since that business will be able to convert this money
into (typically) 50,000 Pounds over the course of one year, they can
immediately give 3,000 Pounds back to the investor  -  but knowing
that they could keep all of the other 47,000 Pounds for themselves,
or it may also be used for more 'investments' with other members.
The 'investor' is happy, and the other business is even happier too,
since it is a "win-win" situation for both of them  -  but with no risk !

   Please note that "Business Devil Network" membership is via
INVITATION ONLY, plus there are some 'criteria' you need to satisfy.
First of all, you must own a profitable and well-established business
with a documented history (in the 'public domain') over many years.
Secondly, your Name (or picture) must have 'top spot' on "Google",
(but EXCLUDING the 'social media' sites, or any general information
site such as 'Wikipedia')  -  with a link, directly to your own website.
Finally  -  your business itself must also appear at that 'top position'
on "Google", and found from at least two different 'search phrases'.
The 'search phrases' may refer to any products, and services  -  but
must NOT be based on just the Business Name, or its website URL.
Although you must satisfy ALL of those 'criteria', to gain entry into
the "Business Devil Network"  -  you still retain membership of the
organization, even if your ranking or profitability falls, in the future.
However, any such decline in your personal or business "Google"
ranking would probably mean that all other members will be much
less likely to invest with you (or to accept any investment request
from you)  -  since they only want to deal with 'successful' people,
who could maintain their original high profile, in this organization.
When your membership is approved, note that you must be able to
prove any initial 'investments' are coming from the profits of YOUR
OWN business  -  and so you cannot (for example) just acquire any
'loan', to get money for investing in the "Business Devil Network" !
If you were ALMOST able to meet the 'criteria' above, (for example
you own a high-profit business and a top-ranked website, but your
name is not yet at number one on "Google")  -  then you MIGHT be
able to get 'Associate'  membership, provided an existing member
(and whom you must know personally) is willing to 'sponsor' you.
In such a case, you will only be allowed to 'invest' via them  -  and
they will also impose their own set of conditions, on transactions.

However, please bear in mind that any people could be using their
own membership to cover some illegal activities (such as 'money-
laundering')  -  so think very carefully about joining the "Business
Devil Network", if those possible aspects might be a worry to you.
After all, you would NOT want to associate yourself with anything
illegal  -  and so perhaps actually becoming an 'accessory', to it !
[ Money-laundering ]
Regardless of whether any transactions, between members, MIGHT
potentially contain some element of 'money-laundering'  -  it is also
their personal responsibility to correctly declare all income derived
from such transactions to the relevant 'Authority', for tax purposes.
If these ever become necessary, then membership of the "Business
Devil Network" does offer some other benefits  -  for example FREE
access to Lawyers and/or 'Private Detectives', should you need any.
However, such services are normally only made available to a FULL
member (not an 'Associate')  -  but you can always discuss this with
your 'sponsoring' member, to see if they are willing to help, but they
are under no obligation to do so (depending on the circumstances).
For further information, please go to the main website belonging to
any business showing this page  -  plus ask to speak with its owner,
who can provide additional details of the "Business Devil Network".
However, they would NOT give specific data on any other member,
as it is a 'secret society' for persons who satisfy the above criteria !
Please note that persons who are connected with Banks, or similar
'Financial Institutions', are specifically excluded from membership.
The term 'Devil' is simply used to distinguish us from conventional
business 'Angels'  -  who will invest in new (and un-tested) start-up
opportunities, hoping for good 'returns' if they become successful.
That can obviously be a 'high-risk' strategy, but all members of the
"Business Devil Network" possess a well established track-record.
That is why the very high returns on all investments are absolutely
GUARANTEED by each of those businesses.  If any member of the
"Business Devil Network" should fail to deliver in the agreed time-
scale, they would immediately be removed from this organization.
Obviously, they will then no longer have income from investments
made by other members  -  plus would not receive any 'returns' on
their own investments, and so it becomes highly important that all
members trade in an 'honourable' way, with the other businesses !
Although it has never happened, if any member does 'default' on a
transaction  -  then the investor will not lose, since other members
would 'club-together', to maintain the integrity of this organization.
Remember that the basic 'ethos', of this "Business Devil Network",
is to improve the lifestyle of its members  -  and who, in turn, could
help any other business owner, to become even more successful !
Think of it as being essentially a 'mutually-beneficial' organization.
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